Inventory & warehouse management


Optimizing stocks & warehousing operation can generate substantial savings. The purpose of this module is to come across various methods & management tools that could optimize in/out handling & storage of various ranges of products.


Module 1 : Inventory management

  1. Inventory management versus warehouse management
  2. Economic order quantity model
  3. Safety stock optimization
  4. ABC classification

Module 2 : Distribution strategy

  1. Global supply chain design
  2. Optimum warehouse location

Module 3 : Warehouse operations

  1. Warehouse building
  2. Storage techniques
  3. Handling equipment
  4. Technology and operating system (IMS / WMS)
  5. Inbound operation
  6. Outbound operation & picking techniques
  7. Warehouse dimensioning
  8. Warehouse costing

Formative assessment

A group business case will be proposed to learners in order to assess their ability to : 

  1. Translate a business strategy into a distribution strategy
  2. Optimize the stock policy
  3. Generate revenue with optimal warehouse operations

Final skills

  1. Estimate the optimal quantity in stock
  2. Propose strategies to optimize  the warehouse operations
  3. Mesure and optimize the performance of the warehouse operations
  4. Choose adequate storage technique & equipment
  5. Organize the inbound & outbound operations
  6. Make optimal storage decisions

Final knowledge

  1. The main decisions of inventory & warehouse management
  2. The techniques used in warehouse management (building, equipment, technology, storage)
  3. The principle of the activity-based costing model
  4. Elements of standard time and productivity
  5. best-in-class warehouse methods

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