Introduction to logistics costing


The purpose of this training is to understand the basic principles and components of supply chain and logistics costing (ABC, cost drivers, cost optimization, etc)


Day 1 : Warehousing costing

  1. Principles of activity-based costing
  2. The warehousing IN/OUT processes
  3. The main cost drivers
  4. Warehousing costing model
  5. Practical exercise

Day 2 : Transport costing

  1. Loading factor & distance factor
  2. Transport process
  3. Full load costing model
  4. Groupage costing model
  5. Milkrun costing model
  6. Practical exercises


Final skills

  • Apply the activity-based costing methodology
  • Analyse the operation processes in a warehouse environment
  • Build up a tailor-made costing model for a warehousing or for a transport operation
  • Calculate logistics operation costs (for warehousing or for a transport operation)

Final knowledge

  • Activity-based costing methodology
  • some "classical" productivity level and standardt times

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