Consultative selling in supply chain services


This program won't create « sales machines ».

The objective is to help your sales team to become « logistics consultants » (especially for comprehensive solutions, including spare part logistics and express deliveries), analysing the situation of their prospects, and proposing tailormade logistics solutions that will generate
competitive advantage or increase their revenue.
The consultative selling aims to propose profit improvement instead of only pure logistics service.


Training organisation

  • The training is based on the practice and aims to follow the major steps of a tender process, from the receiving of the RFQ until the final implementation of the project.
  • The participants will be requested to work on the project individually and in group during the sessions and at home, between two sessions.
  • In order to guarantee the concentration of the participants during the sessions and as the training request individual and group work in the evening, we recommend to organise a residential training.
  • We expect a very high concentration on the program during the sessions.


Session 1 (3 days) : From the RFQ until the pricing

● analyse critically a complete RFQ and prepare some relevant questions for their clients

● Map the flows of the client

● Discuss internally some potential solutions

● Validate some scenario with the client in order to select the ultimate solution design

● Estimate the cost of the different scenarii

● Analyse the price and service sensibility of their client

● Prepare a draft proposal

Between session 1 and 2, the participants will be requested to prepare a complete proposal

Session 2 (3 days) : From the proposal until the business conclusion

● Write professional « profit improvement proposal » (presentation and debriefing of the personnal project)

● Negociate the solution on a technical point of view as well as the commercial point of view

● Finalise the negociation with a positive feeling for them and their client

● Develop a project plan (log file)

● Write and negociate Service Level Agreement (SLA) and Standard Operation Procedures (SOP)

● Animate Service level meeting

● Develop a quality and service dashboard

Final skills

  1. Understand the concept of integrated logistics 
  2. Analyse the flows and the supply chain structure
  3. Make an assessment of what is a viable opportunity for the organization
  4. Take a customer through an opportunity from enquiry to closing stage
  5. Analyse criticaly the RFQ of their clients and ask relevant questions
  6. Develop a coherent business model and a tailor-made solution design
  7. Sell the features and benefits of integrated logistics solutions
  8. Look beyond  own sales territory for opportunities 
  9. Participate to the costing/pricing analysis and development
  10. Negociate efficiently the business proposal, the SLA and the SOP

Final knowledge

  1. The principles of the consultative selling
  2. Service level agreement
  3. Standard operation procedures
  4. The optimal RFQ process


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