European supply chain design


This module is ideal for international companies wishing to develop their business in Europe (a market of 800 millions potential customers).

The purpose of this module is to propose various ways to optimize the distribution within this complex market.


  1. Basics of supply chain design
  2. The European market and its complexity
  3. Supply chain mapping
  4. Transport scenario
  5. European customs & regulations 
  6. Centralized versus decentralized distribution
  7. Supply chain costing analysis
  8. Practical case studies

Final skills

  1. mapping & designing optimal supply chain within Europe
  2. Making good decisions regarding the business approach toward Europe
  3. Optimizing the distribution within Europe
  4. Measuring the distribution performance

Final knowledge

  1. Basics of supply chain design
  2. Basics of European regulation and customs
  3. European supply chain stakeholders
  4. The European market

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