Successful approach of the European market


This module is developped for managers and entrepreneur wishing to develop their business on the European market.

Participants will learn how to successfully approach this market of 750 millions of consumers.


  1. The specificities , complexity and constraints of the European market
  2. European Union, customs , supply chain
  3. Securing payment
  4. The expectations of the customers
  5. Multicultural marketing approach
  6. Food product regulations
  7. Supporting organizations

Final skills

  1. Develop a marketing strategy which is adapted to the European culture(s)
  2. Organise a supply chain and logistics approach
  3. Adapt your product to the specific expectations of the European customers
  4. Develop a successful 5 years business plan

Final knowledge

  1. The specficities of the European customers
  2. Food regulation
  3. Customs organisation in Europe

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