Clinical Supply Chain Optimization Services

The multiple challenges you face

Clinical supply can be a limiting factor for the initiation of studies. Factors such as insufficient bulk material, inadequate forecasted demand, accumulation, delays, and lack of supply to sites can all jeopardize continuity of the study.

On the other hand, oversupply (typically caused by poor forecasting) may also lead to challenging situations. For example, drug supplies could expire before use, forcing the clinical supply manager to trigger additional production – with a consequent and significant budgetary impact.

This may sound like a condemnation of the clinical supplies group. In reality, in many cases the issues described above are often caused by a lack of understanding of the role of the clinical supplies group.

How can Boostcode help you?

Take advantage of our comprehensive range of services to optimize your clinical supply chain. They include:

  • Development of a clinical supply strategy
  • Development of packaging and labelling design
  • Partnership development (procurement, production, logistics services, …)
  • Logistics network design
  • Daily operational clinical supply management
  • Optimized supply plans

Clinical supply chain optimization services model

Input requirements
  • Site initiation plan (countries, number of sites, SIV schedule ,…)
  • Dispensing plan (protocol, assessment plan, dates of dispensing visits/intervals)
  • Enrolment plan (numbers of high, medium and low recruiting sites, country, first patient in per site)
  • Drug development plan (availability of drug/product, production schedule)
  • Production capacity
  • Drug stability statement
  • Optimized supply plan
  • Supply strategy (safety stock and order quantity for low, medium and high recruiting sites)
  • Risk analysis
clinical supply schema
When to perform an optimization exercise?
  • During study supply setup
  • 3 to 6 months after FPI (first patient in)
  • Upon closure of enrolment
Our proposal

Based on the complexity of the trial, we’ll give you a proposal for a fixed budget for three optimization exercises and for each additional optimization.

The Boostcode Benefits

Our quick and pragmatic solutions can be implemented with a realistic investment and a very short payback time. They will enable you to focus on your clinical project development and reap benefits such as:

  • Satisfied and motivated partners and sites
  • Quicker enrolment and reduced drop-off
  • Shorter duration of the clinical trial
  • Reduced risk of sites running out of stock
  • Optimized stock at sites and depots
  • Optimized production plan
  • Significant budget reductions

Work with Boostcode: It’s fast, easy and smooth

To enable Boostcode to optimize your clinical supply chain, follow this 3-step process:

  1. Contact us, and we’ll set up a meeting or a conference call with you to discuss your clinical program or a specific trial, its challenges, expectations, risks, …
  2. Based on your requirements we will prepare a draft proposal that will show you how the services in our portfolio will generate substantial added-value for your program
  3. Sign a formal agreement and we will start implementing our clinical supply chain optimization services

Start your optimization today

Take the first step to optimize your clinical supply chain. Contact Yves Dethier at Boostcode today: email or tel. +32 497 467 916.