Boost your skills

Why do you need us ?

The world of logistics and supply chains is ever-changing; and the pace of evolution is continually accelerating. To keep up-to-date with all the latest changes, whether technology, process or manpower related, you need your key personnel to be trained by professionals.

What we provide ?

Public training. The dates and content of these sessions are described on our website. Simply choose the type of training you would like and register yourself and a colleague.

Private training. Sessions can be fully customized to your specific needs as regards content, date and location.

Expert trainers. All of them have real and extensive field experience.

State-of-the-art, interactive and fun training programs. We use “active” training concepts such as role plays and actual business cases. We encourage participant involvement so that they DO and not just LISTEN. And we believe that fun during training is important, not just to build better relationships but to help people remember the lessons.

What’s the added-value ?

Increased performance (productivity increase, gained expertise, etc.).

Increased profitability. Our trainings can help you gain new clients or improve business with existing ones.

Affordable pricing levels. Call us for a quote.

Multilingual training. We can provide training in English, French or Dutch – and other languages on request.

Our robust methodology secures and enhances the competencies of all motivated participants.

At least 80% of the learning time is “active” training, which guarantees immediate return on investment once the participants are back in their work environments.

Fun training: Participants are more motivated and the new concepts and competences are better understood and remembered.

Now its up to you to decide

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