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Why do you need us ?

Your company has identified a real problem: this could be erosion of your sales or customer service, a significant inventory difference, a long time-to-market, a heavy cost structure etc.

Your company thinks that it has an issue – perhaps through customer complaints – but is having difficulty clearly identifying it.

Your company is growing but is concerned that the supply chain capacity is insufficient and will reduce the growth.

Your company wishes to implement a project (software implementation, moving, logistics service tender …) and needs a subject matter expert to coordinate the entire project.

What’s our method of working ?

We kick off our consultancy services by performing a thorough analysis of the “AS IS” situation of your supply chain. Based on this we design and recommend a strategy to increase the performance of your supply chain.

Furthermore, if you require it, we can then implement our recommendations. This is a feature of our service offering than many consultancy companies are unable to offer.

We have developed (and successfully implemented many times) a state-of-the-art and robust Business Process Re-engineering (BPR) methodology called the BADSIM methodology :













The first phase – Briefing – is free of charge (except if international travel costs are incurred). This phase should be seen as a pre-audit that allows us to analyze the overall situation and help you and us take a go/no go decision. This is also the ideal opportunity for you to benefit from our expertise and receive a professional, external opinion about your strengths and weaknesses as far as your supply chain is concerned.

What’s the added-value ?

High return on investment. We view consultancy not as a cost but an investment. Thanks to the initial briefing, we have a clear view on the quick wins and the longer-term actions to generate a final saving/revenue.

Rapid implementation. Once you give us the green light, we can start to implement very quickly, wherever your site is located.

Skilled experts. We only work with multilingual, senior field experts – not the young graduates that you are likely to get from many of our competitors.

A total solution. We don’t only conduct strategic consultancy. We implement what we recommend after approval by the client.

Significant savings. Not only in terms of expense, but also in terms of time.

Now its up to you to decide

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