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Why do you need us ?

A transition period could be the most crucial period in your company’s history. If not dealt with and solved in a professional and timely manner, problems or issues can cripple a company for a long time after the transition period is over.

When do you need us ?

Seasonal or temporary help. We can provide you with extra capacity during a busy season; during a temporary illness; or to cover maternity leave.

Unexpected hiring or firing. A manager leaves (or is fired), leaving a big hole in your infrastructure. To ensure business continuity, you need someone NOW. We can provide that person.

IT implementation. Whether short- or long-term, IT projects frequently place heavy demands on your human resources. We can provide skilled IT engineers, functional analysts and project managers to keep your IT project on time and within budget.

What’s the added-value ?

We can help you during this critical phase in your company’s development. We can provide you with an Interim Manager to fill the gap for a period that you define yourself. He or she can take ownership of actions that would have been taken by the manager who is no longer there, and create a smooth working environment for the new manager when he or she arrives.

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